It seems that some fool has actually defined the term ENTREPRENEGRO.

According to the urbandictionary.com, an entreprenegro is “African-American who begins his own business, generally out of his trunk or a street corner. Also known as street pharmacist”.  For the most part, at least for my group, that definition does not fit us.

Yes, we are African American.  But we are also third and fourth generation college graduates, second generation law school graduates, etc.  One of us went to private school, while the other public (to which I tell him I am sorry on a daily basis lol).  We are also young, not successful but feel that success may come one day.  We work hard – don’t sell ANYTHING out the back of our trunks or on a corner.  But yes, we are young, educated African Americans who own our own businesses or are working towards this goal.

We are entrepreneurs.  We embrace our history, and those that paved the way for us to be where we are.  We don’t mind the term “Negro” as long as it’s coming from us.  We embrace this term for it is what our ancestors were called – and without them, there would be no us.

We are not “street pharmacists”.  Just Entreprenegros.

But trust, if we could sell something like, maybe subs, out of our trunk – at least one of us would (i.e. Kelz!)!


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